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Dreamwind, Deranged Academic in training
1 February
After a couple of bad experiences with trolls and weirdoes, lot of this journal is friends-locked. Actually, you probably don't want to read my whining about study and writing, or my fangirl raving. Well, maybe you do, but I like to know who's reading me. If you would like to friend me, an intro would be greatly appreciated.

You still want to know about me? OK...

I am single and have a mortgage. Yay. I work as a computer programmer, but I really don't like that. A few years ago I made the decision to retrain to pursue a different career. So now I am working towards being a Deranged Academic, specialising in History - ancient or medieval, I haven't decided which. I am still chugging away at the undergrad degree, and after that I still have to do the doctorate. This retraining gig can be very painful... but not as painful as the thought of still being in IT in 10 years.

I live with a British Shorthair cat named Tilly (well, her full name is RAJAH MATILDA DOUBLE DELIGHT, but imagine yelling that out when you couldn't find her). British shorthairs are very placid, adaptable cats who don't mind being by themselves and who don't leap all over the place. In other words, they are perfect for people who live by themselves in small houses or apartments. Responsible pet ownership is also about choosing the right pet for your situation. They are also very beautiful cats, as you can see from Tilly's photo.

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I am fascinated by military history. War seems to bring out the best and worst in people. I also enjoy studying religions, and it's kind of scary how often war and religion go together; especially seeing as many of the world's religions are supposed to be about peace. Humans are so WEIRD.

I grow cactus. Contrary to popular belief, they can be contrary little buggers and often hard to grow, but they are very interesting plants and look pretty all year round, even when they aren't flowering. Repotting them can be very painful though - especially the big evil bastard known as the "Horse Crippler." It has spines over 2 cm long and razor sharp. I wonder how it got its nickname?

I love reading, mostly fantasy, but with frequent forays into Science Fiction (yes, fantasy and science fiction ARE different) and historical fiction. I am writing a fantasy novel, but at the rate I'm going with it, I'll be finished the doctorate first.

I am a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism, a wonderful Medieval recreation society, a subject of the Kingdom of Lochac and proud member of the Shadowfall household. My persona is a pre-Viking Anglo-Saxon lady, and I have interests in embroidery, costuming and cooking. For all you Elizabethan freaks out there, I will simply say, I can get dressed in 5 minutes, my garb is loose and I've never freaked out when my laces, broke, because I don't have laces. So nyah.

I am very definitely child free. A person who often forgets to eat and sleep should not be trusted bringing up children. And also, I have a fascinating range of medical problems which are genetic, and it isn't really fair to pass those on. I will settle for spoiling my niece. When she's older I'm going to corrupt her and turn her into a voracious fantasy reader.

I am also single. I really don't like people who try to fit me up with any unattached male that they know. I LIKE SINGLE - I control all the remotes. Need I say more? I am not giving up my singledom just for companionship. That's why I have a cat.

I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease when I was 15. If you want to know about Crohn's Disease, it's an auto-immune disease that interferes with your digestive system. This means periodic bouts of puking and crapping, alternating with constipation. BUT, it can usually be controlled with diet. If you have a health problem that's affected by bad food, and you continue to eat lots of bad food, as far as I'm concerned, you're an idiot. This does not mean obssessing about diet and avoiding dessert all together... just eat it in moderation.

Vegetarians and vegans, I eat meat, and have no intention of stopping. If you can't cope, read no further. This journal will offend.

I also tend to rant a lot. Some of you may get offended by things I say, and to that I reply, hey, no one is forcing you to read this blog.

Oh, yeah... RUGBY RULES. There is a reason it's called "The Game They Play in Heaven." Go the Waratahs, and Go the Wallabies.